Online learning is newest form of distance learning education nowadays. 

Within the past year of 2020 it grows tremendously in Indian education system. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new ways of learning. The demand for online learning has risen significantly, and it will continue doing so in the future. 


What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is education that takes place over the internet. 

However, it is not a completely new subject for everyone out there because there were a lot of distance and digital learning courses even before the pandemic, which was only provided by few institutions. 

Online learning course has digital classroom in which teacher and student have one to one live session, where a child can feel an actual vibe of physical classroom.
However, if we talk about the past, Distance learning courses already have a long run-in term of online platforms of learning but the only cons are “you cannot have a one-to-one interaction session with the teachers even if you have a doubt” because it was a recorded session.

That’s why thanks for the rapid advancement of technology so far, the online learning is the most popular one around the world. 

Advancing in technology now allow students to study entirely online while still socializing with their classmates, with their teachers while watching lecture and participating in subject – specific discussion. 


In general, when talking about online courses we encounter resources like: 

  • E-Lecture
  • live classes
  • eBooks
  • recorded sessions
  • live quizzes
  • live doubt and discussion forums
  • live Q&A sessions
  • journals

Now excepts these, other resources offered to you for learning online will depend on the particular institution from where you take your online program. 

Once you are an officially registered student, they provide you the access to have same resources as an on-campus student have. 


With courses available in almost every subject, and flexible timetable to suit almost every lifestyle, students are increasingly turning to online learning as a great alternative to on-campus study. 

Hence one can also achieve their goal to study abroad, still by staying in his home country.


As with most teaching methods, online learning also has its own set of positives and negatives. 

Positive Side:

  • Students can work from the comfort of their home or any other location.
  • It simply increases flexibility. You can study when you want to, how you want to, where you want to at your own pace.
  • It provides students the ease of access with study material, lecture, and assignments.
  • Students can learn with less fear/anxiety about others judging them.
  • Asking for a doubt may be more comfortable coming forward for those students who are introverts.
  • It’s sort of more affordable than the physical course, plus by saving the expenses of travelling to the institution and renting at the location.
  • One can study and do their respective job simultaneously.
  • Students who require more time in understanding the particular topic can RE-watch it for better understanding.
  • A student will not only study with his/her local classmates but could be learn with the students all around the world.

Last but not the least which I feel is the most positive one – “PROBLEM LIKE BULLYING, RAGGING, TEASING AND MOCKING ARE REDUCED” 

Negative Side:

  • As it reduces the expenses of travelling and renting but it increases the cost in technology by the heavy cost of internet, computer software programs, need for having an extra mobile.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages in studying online is the lack of social interaction. This is especially relevant for young generation who should be making friends and having a great time.
  • Student also make flexibility a curse by not complete their task on time which makes them lazier.
  • Procrastination become a great problem in 8 out of 10 students.
  • There are limit on online courses, institutions can’t provide each course in online platforms.
  • Several studied need practical classrooms or hand-on experiences such as Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Neurology, Cardiology etc. simply unsuited for the online courses.
  • The extra-curricular activities which require physical exercises in which a young child can learn several new things at the campus are totally cut down by online study.
  • Not only the expenses of internet are the big issue here, complete internet or computer literacy in parents and children is a great concern here. There are more than 60% parents in India who completely lack knowledge in digital world.
  • Continuously using the screen light can damage our eyes, which is why it is important to have students complete their tasks of online so they can learn off screen as well.
  • What I feel is the major setback of online courses is nowadays every person even if it’s a little one now has a digital device. Student (especially young children and our rising shining youth) become the slave of internet.







So, I must say student must be self-motivated and disciplined to make progress through his/her study whether it is online or offline. They should keep learning new things and should develop their mental power through newest learning method.

Richa rana

Hello people,
Myself RICHA RANA. I did my B.Sc. Mathematics (honors) from Hindu College of Delhi University.
I do little writing, read books and a part time teaching in my free time.
Currently i am taking my courses online and that’s the reason i think that through this article i can share my positives and negatives on this topic.
I hope you’ll find it helpful.

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