Let’s Book You A Trek Now.....

You’ve landed to the right page if you’re thinking to go on a healthy & beautiful trek, here we’ll make sure your trekking plan doesn’t end up like a normie Goa Plan (something that’s created just to give you trauma for not even taking place).

We all know what trekking is but just to make sure let’s re-define it…
Trekking is basically the activity of spending real quality time with you tight-knit friends along with a back ache because of mountain climbing and it’s really worth it.

Without taking a lot of your time and scrolling let me give you a NUTSHELL or LONG-STORY-SHORT of this particular page of our website.

ATTENTION Ladies and Gentlemen……
In this page you’ll get the following important information related to your trek:-

1. The beautiful places our trek guides can give you a taste of and the places our trek guide are sure and well-aware of.

2. To know the specific details about the trek duration, charging schemes and all contact our guides.

3. The season / time span when it’s best to go to peaceful places in our trek destinations.

4. And at last you’ll find a feedback / suggestions section where you can post your feedback after a trip or even a suggestion cause we need your help to reach more people out. Imagine your feedback and suggestions will help us make someone else’s and even your next rek better. Isn’t it an act of humanity?

5. We are also available for collaborations. So if you are down for that, you can contact us by contacting us.

6. You missed the 4th point. Go back !

Who doesn’t want to enjoy heaven on Earth, right ? And the closest way to abode heaven on Earth is to feel the sky up close ! And nowhere is better than our country hills for that beautiful purpose. So let’s reach the sky through the hills and hence reach the heaven !
So let’s go Trekkingggggggg !