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About us: “Sarcastic Pahadi 3.0” is spreading smile all over Uttarakhand since 2019. We are very dedicated to our work in all platform including twitter. Your smile is the only reward we are willing for. Thanks for your love all around social media to us. Many thanks again!

About Us: Our Goal is to achieve biggest pahadi community in Uttarakhand where we can discuss and implement our duty to make Uttarakhand better in everyway. Now we have internet in our villages and we are all ready to change the world.

I Aditya Rana, have started this beautiful journey of ours with my friend Rahul Rawat from Rishikesh. We have started our journey in 2018 as a meme page with “Sarcastic Pahadi 2.0” but later on we made a new one named “Sarcastic Pahadi 3.0” because of some technical issue with the last one. But we rise again and continued our hard work to make others smile. After getting good responses from the audience on our page we, later on, decided to make an Instagram handle for our page. Its insight was also impressive and currently also because we focus on consistency rather than on followers. What we actually care about is to make sure people smile no matter if we have more or less audience. Great to have them. After getting 1k followers we decided to make a YOUTUBE CHANNEL for our page where we can post memes or troll but later on, it turns into a Roasting Page. Today we do have not so many admire or followers but as I said before the number of audiences is not something we care about. Keep supporting our work, we will try to enhance our content which we are working on consistently. 

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Our team is always dedicated to serving you the best of content. 


CEO: adi@sarcasticpahadi.in

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