Practically speaking personal finance is one of the most challenging thing you will ever do in your life. Have you ever realised that no school/no colleges helps you with personal finance and budgeting at all. When it comes to personal finance you have to learn it on your own.

For most of the people classes will more or less pointless just like calculus, astronomy etc when it comes to know about personal finance. The world tells us to go get educated, get a job and all will be well. But unfortunately its not that simple. For you to succeed in the world you need to know a lot more about money that what school will never give you.

Personal finance forms the backbone for all success stories. To save you from hustle and battle of having to learn from your mistakes, I will provide you some rules that everyone should abide by to be a head of the game with their finances. 

Here are the rules :

1.) Buying your first house – If you want to buy a home you have to save up to 20% of the value for the down payment. If you don’t you will be forced to pay private mortgage insurance which could really dent your account. What you won’t learn in school is that while increasing mortgage payment may be painful, the financial trade off between paying more money and waiting to save up the 20% deposit could be worthwhile.

Rule behind this , if you have the capacity to save the money within at least 5 years comfortably then go for it. But if it will take you longer you will be chasing a money target as price increasing due to inflation.

2.) Save Save Save – In school they will teach you to save at least 10% of your income. But let’s be honest, this isn’t enough to retire on. Unless you are earning in millions. A decent saving % will be about 20%-40% . In order to save more reduce your expenses and unnecessary cost.

3.) Emergency Fund- You may have never heard of this fund. People disregard the importance of this fund. What if you lost your job today? Would you have enough money to cover your costs?

Golden Rule- to have 6 months of expenses costs saved up somewhere, but I suggest if you can save more go for it.


4.) Budgeting Basics- Not having knowledge of how to manage bills and create the distinction between wants and needs , can lead to one enduring one hardship after the other. Everyone needs to know how to plan a lifestyle that is financed by earned income. It includes to understand how to plan for bills, but still ensuring there’s enough left for necessities.

Create your own budget and plans over a long period of time for example – Identify what you need every month and create a budget with the needs and wants and respective over the next six months from plan created . You can separate the amount into different accounts. To ensure you don’t spend beyond your budget.

5.) Compound interest- The one thing every young people have as an advantage over everyone else is time. While they may not achieve their financial goals instantly. They have an upper hand over investing by setting aside a small chunks of money in a increasing interest account. Young people can amass great wealth.

These are few rules that will be going to help you all if you will implement these points into your day to day life.

Thanks!!! Keep Learning !!!

Diksha Thapa

Hello folks!!! I am Diksha Thapa, done my MBA in Finance specialization from Uttaranchal University in 2020 plus I’m NISM VA Certified eligible to give advice regarding financial plans. My life revolves around Finance as this is the domain that I’ve found my career to flourish. And that’s the reason I believe that through my articles I could provide the best information regarding financial knowledge as it is the most important for all of us to be well aware of. I hope you will enjoy reading my articles and become financially literate.

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