Myths About Programming

We all know as human beings are evolving, we all tend to make our work done by machines. In fact, it is not wrong to say that in future there will be a machine for every type of work. But why am I mentioning this now? Well, there is a lot for us to discuss so let’s begin…

why is there a need of programming

As I said that in future everything will be computerised then how do humans communicate with them? Well, we will carry the conversation in their language. The programmers / developers are the new superheroes of our world. In fact, this article which you are able to see right now is also because someone coded this information on the website so that it can be visible to everyone. Isn’t it cool?  That you just have to write some magical words and then it can be visible to everyone for free. Everyone has their own opinion, but I find it really very amazing!

But in the society, there are many rumours and myth about programming languages, but let’s see how many of them are correct and how many of them are false.


Well in the world at this time there are more than 700 programming languages present for one to learn and it is obvious that learning all 700 languages is not feasible. But it is also not recommended to learn only the latest language. There are different objectives of different tasks and each and every task requires different language to work on. For example, coding for games and coding for creating a website are done on totally different languages. Yes, it is true that the most recent language will always have some advantage over previous programming languages, but it does not generalize the need to learn only the latest language. One should learn at least those languages which are required to perform a particular task which the programmer wants to perform.


The reason people have this opinion is because of lack of information. Yes, there are limited jobs for programmer but only in a company. Most of the people consider only well stablished companies as a suitable job but this is totally wrong. A programmer can start his/her own application or website and can earn money. All they need is an idea and their knowledge about how to make their idea more & more useful for various types of people according to the needs of the people. Also, one can work as a freelancer and can help other people to build applications and websites. Not even this, in order to make any business online one should need a programmer no matter how old / well-established a company is. Also, every well stablished company right now was once a small idea.


This is absolutely bizarre. Anyone can start learning programming language anytime they want to. There is no specific degree required to learn it, all you have to do is just go to YouTube or any other platform and watch lectures about any programming language you want to learn. They do not provide a master’s level education like colleges but can learn at least up to intermediate level with which they can make the ends meet for sure and even more. It’s very easy and not even time consuming.


In our education system most student who choose computer science as a major mostly belong to science stream, but it is not necessary that only science stream students can learn programming. There are some concepts of mathematics which are involved in programming but anyone can learn and understand its logic if he/she wants better outputs in their field.

Some people also spread rumors that only brilliant students can learn programming but it is wrong. In programming one has to come up with unique solutions for a singular problem which makes programming a unique subject. But with practice anyone can achieve this state.


In my opinion everyone should acquire at least basic knowledge about how computers work because most of our work is based on machines and artificial technologies, so it is our own duty to learn about how things work around us.

Anirudh Shrivastava


Hello everyone!  Many students face dilemma of choosing computer science as a major subject or not. Well this article is about some pros of learning languages which a computer can speak.
Hope this will help you. Thank you for reading.

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