Body language is a language by which our body communicates to others with help of gestures posture of the body etc. What is communication? It’s basically the act of sharing or exchanging information, ideas or feelings. It can be done verbally or nonverbally. Body language comes under the category of nonverbal communication.


Put simply, body language is the unspoken element of communication that we use generally to reveal our emotions or true feelings. You have probably hurt the statistics at only 7% of a message is conveyed through words and 93% comes from non-verbal communication. Our subconscious mind controls our body language so that the receiver or other person can judge you by your actions and predict the difference between what we are thinking or saying.

Like any spoken language, body language has words, sentences and punctuation. Each gesture is like a single word and one word may have several different meanings. All body generally speaks through

->Facial expression- We usually see how someone is feeling through their facial expressions. When someone smiles the smile muscles in a face activate. It projects warmth and goodwill. And if this frown the frown muscles are activated. It projects that someone is unhappy or disliking something.

->Eye contact- Eyes are called the windows to the soul. You can predictably tell someone’s emotion from their gaze. It is a crucial first step for resonance. It creates a feeling of connection.

->Posture- The way a person sits, gets slumped or sitting tall, arms open or crossed always transmits a message.

->Breath- We always feel the change we breathe when there is a change in emotions. 20 years dress or angry we breathe quickly and shallowly. If we are tired or exasperated we usually sigh. Therefore, it is important to maintain calmness by taking long breaths.


Body language plays a great role in intuition as it gives us messages about the other person, that we can interpret at an intuitive level. Body language is an effective form of communication but one has to be careful while using it. At times body language can spoil our entire effort. Different types of people have different types of body language. We should develop positive body language. Help us to form a better connection with people thus enhance the level of communication. Smiling is the most powerful gesture used by people to impress others. It helps to create a positive environment both before and after the conversation. Eye contact also helps people to understand what we are saying. Your posture determines the level of confidence.

Body language is not only powerful but is also reliable for availing our true feelings. But it is not completely reliable if the person expressing knows how to manipulate it well. Body language comes to most of the time whether you intend to reply to it or not. We need to be careful when assessing someone else body language. We may interpret body language one way, but the gesture may mean something different to someone else. Some common body language examples:

  1. When we tap our fingers we appear impatient and possibly nervous about waiting.
  2. If we tilt our head to the side it means we are listening intently and deeply. It also means we are concentrating.
  3. Holding our fingers together and our palms apart give people the impression that you have authority and control.
  4. The way we cross our legs also tells a lot about us. If it is cross at the ankle, it means they are hiding something. If it is cross at the knees, it means you are uncomfortable.
  5. When we tug on the ear, it shows we are trying to decide but haven’t gotten there yet.
  6. Putting your head in your hands means that you are bored. Also, mean that you are upset or ashamed.
  7. Standing up straight posture shows that we are feeling confident.
  8. Holding hands open show that you have not hidden something from other people.
  9. If we look down it makes us appear weak and confident.
  10. Rubbing hands together indicates that you are excited.
  11. Twisting your hair indicates that you are nervous.
  12. If we place our hand on our cheek, it shows that we are thinking and carefully evaluating something.
  13. Rubbing your eye indicates that you are in doubt or display.
  14. Standing with hands clasped behind your back may be read as anger, apprehension, frustration.
  15. Pinching the bridge of a nose during a conversation shows that you seem to make a negative valuation.
  16. Arms across the chest are usually is interpreted as defensive body language. It shows the person is insecure, annoyed, or close off. But if a person is sitting like that for a long. It indicates that they are feeling cold.
  17. A smile can have a different meaning. There are happy smiles, shy smiles, warm smiles, and Ironic smiles.

We should learn to manage our body language by developing our abilities to manage stress and recognize emotions. Nonverbal communication or body language is important while a conversation as it reinforces what is being said. If the other person is saying something and their body language is conveying something else. We should consider all the nonverbal signals we are receiving ie eye contact, tone of voice, and posture. We should also trust our instincts to send that someone isn’t being honest or that something isn’t adding up.

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