“Technology will not replace good teachers, but technology in the hands of a good teacher can lead to a great transformation.”
– George Couros

Digitalisation is the use of digital technologies to change business practices, support economy and create new opportunities. The era of digitalisation refers to the distinct period / age in which digital transformation has taken over, leading to the birth and existence of great ideas.

Encoding truths, mastering skills, re-living memories endless entertainment, virtual platforms, improud communication are all outcomes of the digitalised era we currently dwell in. Digitalisation has equalized the world, developed nations and has shortened the communication chain. The online infrastructure of internet connectivity has flourished rapidly.

In India, “Digital India”, was a program launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1 July, 2015. The aim was to connect rural areas with high speed internet and improve digital literacy.

This technology which helps mankind in saving time, efforts, fuel and money. Eventually making life faster, easier and efficient. This makes people independent, skilful and employed. Making people aware of their duties and their rights to stand up for themselves, the “Digital India” has empowered the nation towards success.

Social Media are internet-based applications with user generated content. This is the main digital tool which has helped people survive the lockdown during the ongoing deadly pandemic.

This media has larger audience; hence it is good to make friends, raise awareness, create content, advertise business learn new skills and get endless information. Although there are a few disadvantages, social media has played a great role in changing the way people think and helps in spreading equality.
Online education is a flexible knowledge delivery system that takes place via internet. This mode of learning increases rapidly. Students would be able to access any information, anytime and anywhere. There would be no requirement of lunch boxes, school uniforms and unwanted interactions – submission of assignments and answering tests have become convenient.


The creation of World Wide Web made way to this digitalised era of online shopping online banking, online competitions, online schooling, online ticket booking and online submission of this essay!

Finally, to draw a conclusion, the digitalisation of this world is a boon, it is our strength and adds pride as human beings are the most intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom.

The world has progressed from forests to smart cities, early humans to robots. As a responsible generation, let’s cherish and make wise use of this ‘Era of Digitalisation!


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